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APC intensifies the battle against harmonics


APC by Schneider Electric has extended its range of equipment to improve
power quality with the introduction of MGE CleanWave, a filter which
significantly reduces zero sequence harmonics in the neutral.

"Increased non-linear loads on power systems create harmonics that affect
all mains powered equipment and interfere with their operation," says Rodney
Callaghan, managing director: Southern Africa, APC by Schneider Electric.
"Excessive harmonics make it impossible to comply with EMC standards.
"Harmonics can cause equipment to overheat, which damages insulation, may
cause fires and reduces the efficiency of electrical devices," he continues.
"They increase the distortion of the voltage, which in turn can degrade or
damage electrical equipment, disturb the operation of sensitive
applications, cause electronic equipment to trip out and displays and
lighting to flicker, amongst other problems. They also increase electricity
APC by Schneider Electric has introduced a zero sequence harmonic filter,
MGE CleanWave, as an effective solution to this type of power supply
disturbances. These high intensity harmonics (H3, H9, etc) have a
particularly disturbing effect on three phase plus neutral distribution
systems: they add up in the neutral conductor, which then carries
considerable high frequency current and can quickly become overloaded.
With its pioneering architecture, based on isolating the zero sequence
harmonic current downstream the LV installation, close to the non-linear
loads, MGE CleanWave:
* Attenuates, by a ratio of 10:1, zero sequence harmonic current in the
neutral, thus preventing the harmonics being carried back into the mains;
* Re-balances the current in the phases;
* Improves the power factor, reducing current consumption; and
* Reduces electro-magnetic interference.
This is a simple, reliable solution:
* MGE CleanWave technology does not use capacitors, and has an exceptionally
high reliability, comparable to a dry type transformer.
* MGE CleanWave can be installed without a preliminary study and can be
easily sized. It can be connected in parallel to provide a redundant
solution or increase power.
MGE CleanWave is available in 10 models, from 12kVA to 280kVA (from 29A to
722A neutral current). These models come in two versions: in the form of a
chassis, IP00, for integration into the customer's own enclosure and in an
IP21 enclosure with meters.
MGE CleanWave is designed to be used in office buildings with IT equipment,
lighting and monitoring systems, or commercial buildings such as shopping
centres and supermarkets and are available immediately.