Having already signed up more than half of South Africa's corporate telecommunications users, Neotel is poised to launch a service targeted specifically at SMEs within the next 30 to 60 days.

MD Ajay Pandey explains that the new offering is designed to provide wireless voice and data access for five to six users.
Pandey says the telecommunications company's enterprise service is already available across the country and has already been rolled out at about 170 to 180 of the top 300 companies in South Africa.
Its consumer offering is also enjoying a rapid rollout. This service, based on a CDMA device for voice and data access, was first launched in Gauteng in May. It was made available about two weeks ago in Cape Town and last week debuted in Durban as well.
Pandey says the coverage area for the consumer service is growing rapidly, with at least one base station going live each day.
He says that, by covering the three main metropolitan areas, Neotel will be able to provide access to about 60% of the population, a major step towards its licence commitment of 80% by its tenth year of operation.