SecureData Security, the local distributor of Trend Micro's information
security products, is offering a 40% conversion discount to resellers who
upgrade customers running Symantec products to the Trend Micro product

The conversion programme is especially aimed at resellers who fear that they
will lose income following the introduction of new channel policies by the
COO of Symantec in the information security market.
In addition, SecureData also offers a range of attractive rewards and
incentives to resellers who achieve sales targets across the Trend Micro
range and other products in portfolio. Trend Micro, a leader in network
anti-virus and Internet content security software and services, is
distributed in Africa solely by SecureData, Africa's largest IT security
Says Dean Healy, Trend Micro product manager at SecureData Security,
"Together with SecureData, Trend Micro aims to keep its channel partners
fully engaged with their customers. Partners are never forcibly excluded
from additional revenue streams generated by renewals and upgrades. Trend
Micro is positioning itself as the channel champion in the Internet content
security and antivirus market."
Apart from the conversion discount, SecureData and Trend Micro are offering
a range of incentive and rewards programmes for resellers that help them to
bring new customers into the fold.
SecureData recently introduced a new initiative called 'TrendSetter' in
which resellers of Trend Micro will earn cash for each sale of the product
to a new end-user. Resellers will earn R10 per user when the normal list
price is used or R5.00 per user for the competitive upgrade price. Only
sales to new Trend Micro customers qualify.
Resellers can earn additional financial rewards through SecureData's
multivendor rewards programme, called ESP² (Enterprise Security Partner
ESP² gives SecureData's top-performing Enterprise Security Partners
financial rewards for achieving strong sales of strategic product lines as
well as for reaching certain value thresholds for their total purchases of
product from SecureData each fiscal quarter and financial year.
The ESP² programme complements and extends vendor programmes such as
TrendSetters, giving security-focused partners opportunities to earn
additional financial rewards for meeting achievable targets.