The Huge Group has announced the appointment of Donovan Tredoux to its board
of directors, effective 1 August 2008.

Tredoux started his 20-year telecommunications career in a sales role with
Telkor, a subsidiary of Reunert, moving into the position of national sales
manager within three years.  When Siemens purchased Telkor to acquire its
extensive client base, Tredoux was head-hunted by Plessey Telecommunications
and tasked with setting up a new Corporate PABX Division.
After its successful implementation and with Plessey's appetite to venture
into the then new cellular industry, Tredoux was transferred to Aztec
Cellular, a joint venture with a UK based subsidiary of Plessey.  Tredoux
was one of the first staff members and was tasked with assisting in the
establishment of the business in South Africa.  After three years, Siemens
again approached Tredoux to join their GSM hardware division as head of
sales & marketing and to increase their market share in South Africa, which
rose from 2% to 15% during his tenure.  During his employment at Siemens he
identified and defined the opportunity of cellular least cost routing.
He left Siemens with an exclusivity agreement for GSM technologies and in
1996 opened his own business, Redwin Telecommunications, to bring the
solution to market. In 1997 Ursus, an international call back provider
purchased Redwin, and Orion Cellular was formed. Tredoux took up the
position of managing director and majority shareholder in the Orion group
and remained with them for 10 years. He was also responsible for sales,
research and development, legal and regulatory matters and their "Blue Sky"
Tredoux is an entrepreneur by nature, with a flair for identifying
technologies and finding marketplace opportunities to deploy them. He left
Orion to concentrate his efforts in what he identified to be the "next big
opportunity" namely, value added least cost routing solutions and Java
platforms on the mobile handset.
Throughout his career, Tredoux has played an active and instrumental role in
research and development to further the growth and user experience of the
different product offerings.