EMC Corporation, the world leader in information infrastructure solutions,
today unveiled the new EMC Clariion CX4 Series of midrange storage systems.

With a new architecture specifically optimized for VMware and other virtual
server environments and designed to incorporate the latest technologies in
drives, connectivity, processing power, thin provisioning and security, EMC
is making it easier than ever to cost-effectively consolidate and manage
information using the least amount of energy.
The Clariion CX4 Series is the latest generation of the market-leading
Clariion family of networked storage systems, with more than 300 000 systems
installed and a midrange storage leading benchmark of "Five 9's" of
availability – 99.999% uptime.
With data growing at nearly 60% annually and information technology managers
facing increased energy costs and tighter budgets, the new Clariion CX4
Series has a multitude of new features built-in that are ideal for virtual
server environments – including VMware infrastructure – use less energy,
improve storage utilization, performance and management and protect the
overall storage investment.  These include:
* Up to twice the performance, twice the capacity, twice the memory and
twice the number of LUNs (logical unit numbers) of previous generations,
enabling support of multiple application tiers on a single Clariion CX4
array. This is the result of a new 64 bit EMC Clariion Flare storage
operating environment utilizing multi-core Intel processors that improve
performance and double system scalability (up to 960 drives) for improved
* The ability to support dual-protocol Fibre Channel and iSCSI storage area
network (SAN) connections with online expansion, a unique feature in the
market.  EMC's new UltraFlexT technology also enables the ClariionCX4 Series
to easily and non-disruptively incorporate future connectivity technologies
such as 8Gb/s Fibre Channel, 10Gb/s iSCSI and FCoE (Fibre Channel over
Ethernet).  In addition, the Clariion CX4 Series with UltraFlex helps extend
the flexibility of VMware environments by now enabling the dynamic addition
of I/O ports – along with storage capacity and performance – to the virtual
* Being the first midrange storage array in the market to support
state-of-the-art solid state disks (SSDs), which are more than 30 times
faster than traditional drives, deliver sub-millisecond response times and
are 98% more energy efficient on an IOPs (Input/Output operations Per
Second) basis.  The addition of flash drives to the Clariion CX4 Series
provides the highest levels of performance for "tier 0" storage
requirements.  Earlier this year, EMC became the first enterprise storage
vendor to incorporate SSDs into its core portfolio with the introduction of
flash technology in its high-end Symmetrix DMX Series.
* Virtual (thin) provisioning capabilities that increase system utilization
and simplify the provisioning of storage by allowing administrators to
present an application with more capacity than is physically allocated.
With new Clariion Virtual Provisioning, capacity can be quickly and easily
allocated for physical, VMware and other virtual servers while monitoring
features and automated alerts allow storage pools to be expanded online. EMC
first introduced its virtual provisioning capabilities on the EMC Celerra
family of IP (internet protocol) storage systems.
* Built-in disk spin down capabilities that will automatically place
inactive drives in sleep mode and activate on demand to save energy. This
policy-based feature – which EMC first offered in its EMC Disk Library
virtual tape systems – is designed for applications that have regular spans
of time with little or no activity.
* An adaptive cooling design and support for new low power one terabyte SATA
disk drives that maximize energy efficiency. With this new design, the
amount of energy used to cool the system can be significantly reduced as
cooling fans vary speeds as needed to maintain the proper temperature. The
new low power drives, which spin at a slower RPM, use 32% less energy per
terabyte than traditional SATA drives.
* Integration with VMware Site Recovery Manager to form a simple, turnkey
solution for VMware disaster recovery. In addition, the Clariion CX4 Series
features new integrated continuous local and remote replication (CLR)
features for EMC RecoverPoint/SE software that simplify deployment in both
Fibre Channel and iSCSI environments and optimize bandwidth.
* Integration with the RSA enVision platform to provide a comprehensive,
automated approach for the management of event data, maximize an
organization's security posture and simplify compliance. The Clariion CX4
Series is also integrated with EMC PowerPath path management software with
encryption and key management technology from RSA, which can encrypt and
decrypt data at the host as it is sent to and from the array.