Neotel has successfully ported the first block of numbers from Telkom. Although still executing the test cases to check routing and billing, this is a big step toward giving South African corporate customers the freedom to choose when it comes to telecommunications services.

"We have been working very closely with Telkom to put the necessary systems in place for geographic number portability," says Stefano Mattiello, executive head of the enterprise group at Neotel.
"The impact on the customer is enormous as it now allows them the flexibility of choosing the best service provider to meet their needs, while retaining the number that their customers have come to know."
According to Mattiello, the process of portability is completely seamless, making it much easier for the customer.
"During the porting process, the numbers will be advertised on both the Telkom SA and Neotel networks for 48 hours to allow for a smooth transition and ensure that all calls continue to be routed without interruption."
Mattiello says the next generation network Neotel has deployed has inherent number portability capabilities.
"This means that we have not needed to deploy any additional technologies and therefore it has been much easier for us to get to this stage."