South African Job Seekers have the right to demand as rich an experience on
local job sites as with international online job hunting and shopping
experiences. has responded to this need in the creation of their
new version of the South African Job Portal that was launched on 4 August

Online job search and application techniques are becoming more prevalent
with both active and passive candidates as they become more proactive in
taking charge of their search for jobs. According to a recent UK study by
Taleo, almost half of UK Job Seekers turn to the Internet when applying for
More than half (53%) of Internet savvy Job Seekers say that speed is key
when applying for jobs and that they favour online job websites where
registering and searching for jobs online is less time consuming and where
they have the ability to apply for many jobs at one time quickly and
effortlessly. South African Job Seekers are by no means excluded from this
as they too seek a user-friendly and efficient online job hunting
The prevalence of online recruitment shows that there is little competitive
edge in having a job site unless it offers a fast, candidate-friendly and
engaging online job hunting experience. Many recruitment websites
concentrate on providing advanced technology to the Recruiter; while they
should also be pulling out all the stops when it comes to engaging with the
Job Seeker – who is so often neglected by recruitment websites.
As the Internet matures, the Job Seeker's expectation of online recruitment
is changing and there is much room for improvement in this area for many
online recruitment websites.
Says CEO, Gillian Meier, "It is no longer sufficient to simply
advertise job vacancies online. Many Job Seekers now expect recruitment
websites to provide personalised services to support their job search. differs from many other online recruitment websites in that its
approach is to be highly Job Seeker centric. The website is geared towards
being extremely sophisticated but uncomplicated, thereby ensuring that it
offers features and functionality that resonates with generational members."
Job Seekers have become frustrated by being forced into completing lengthy
job applications and resume templates. offers Job Seekers the
option to create or upload multiple CV's within a secure profile allowing
for a more customised targeted application to be delivered to the Recruiter
quickly and effortlessly.
The new job portal further introduces sophisticated matching
technology that accurately matches jobs to CV's, saving time for both Job
Seekers and Recruiters.
Comments Meier: "As with any search engine, it is vital that our keyword
search terminology and technology returns the best possible accurate and
meaningful results ranked by the most relevant and freshest matches to the
search term used." The job matching and search functionality will allow Job
Seekers to receive real-time job preference notifications via an RSS feed or
email and they will illustrate how closely the Job Seeker's profile matches
that of the job.
As a further step towards introducing a Web 2.0 job hunting experience, Job
Seekers are asked to rate the quality of the job advertisements placed by
Recruiters to encourage Recruiters to provide more detailed, accurate and
effective job criteria on their adverts. Job Seekers are also encouraged to
complete a poll demonstrating to the Recruiter why they possibly did not
reply to the job vacancy advertised online. Says Meier, "We are committed to
providing an engaging experience for online Job Seekers that will improve
and grow as more Job Seekers become accustomed to using a job site that
offers this level of transparency and interaction."