Panda Security has released the beta version of Panda Internet Security
2009. This solution offers maximum protection against all types of malware
as well as spam and identity theft – with a minimal impact on PC

Beta-testers that try the solution and send incidents to Panda Security will
get a 50% discount when buying the final release version of the product.
Panda Internet Security 2009 benefits from "Collective Intelligence", an
innovative security model based on the collection of malware information
from the Internet community and the automated processing of this data in new
data centres.
The new range of consumer products also includes a powerful version of the
"Identity Protect" technology, which uses heuristic analysis to proactively
detect any attempt to steal confidential information. Another new key
feature is the increased detection of malware with the beefed-up TruPrevent
2.0, designed to protect against unknown malware and attacks exploiting
"With one in four protected users having infected PCs, it's clear that
traditional security solutions are no longer enough to protect computers
from the onslaught of malware samples that are created every day," says
Jeremy Matthews, head of Panda's sub-Saharan operations. "In response to
this dire situation, our new 2009 solutions are based on collective
intelligence, the most effective security technology, allowing us to protect
users against malware and identity theft in the most efficient and
straightforward way."
Panda Internet Security 2009 is oriented towards more experienced Internet
users and includes a new Anti-Spam engine and Parental Control module. It
also allows users to make backup copies of important files and information.