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Nando’s and mobile phones a tasty choice for customers


DigitalMobile, a wireless application service provider and part of the
Digital Solutions Group (DSG), has recently worked with Nando's to drive
customer innovation through the use of mobile marketing.

In a collaborative effort, DigitalMobile created an application that allows
Nando's customers to interact and gain up-to-date content on the chicken
quick service restaurant via their mobile phones.
According to Brandon Meszaros, managing director of DigitalMobile; "Having
established a good working relationship with Nando's over the years and
having known them to be a brand that is on the forefront of innovative
methods in engaging their customers, we presented them with the idea of
creating a Nando's 'MobiZone'.  This concept allows customers to find their
nearest franchise, download menu's and even enter and participate in
competitions all via a mobile phone."
The application created by DigitalMobile is focused on delivering a single
platform that allows users to access Nando's content on the Internet.
Meszaros continues; "The DigitalMobile solution for Nando's is based on a
push strategy, whereby users need to SMS the word 'Nandos' to 32141 and from
here they are sent a Web site link that allows them to download relevant
Nando's information directly onto their mobile phones.  This approach
ensures that no matter where a customer is based, whether there is an
Internet connection or not, they can access up-to-date information on the
"Furthermore, the strength of this solution is that our technology allows us
to see what model of phone the customer is using, no matter how new or old,
and then deliver the content in the appropriate format so that it is
completely customised. So any Nando's customer can use this innovative
mobile platform."
According to Tracey Catania, national CRM manager at Nando's: "With the
proliferation of mobile phones in South Africa it makes sense to utilise
this technology to further engage customers and allow them to interact with
our brand.  Certainly, the fact that a mobile phone is not hindered by
location or cables ensures that our customer base is able to remain in
contact with us anywhere and at anytime.
"The DigitalMobile Solution created for us is now in its second version and
over the last eight months we have seen a good uptake of this service from
our customer base, who appreciate the ability to interact with us when they
choose and on their terms.  Nando's has seen the value of mobile marketing,
which allows us to engage with a very large base in a cost effective manner,
using our customer's communication device of choice – their mobile phone –
in a focused and personalised manner."
Meszaros adds: "Mobile applications are certainly a key driver for many
business and technology strategy decisions in 2008. With the uptake and
acceptance of Web 2.0 we are now seeing the market move towards developing
mobile solutions that can be used across platforms and can offer flexible
personalised communication with users/customers and this trend will continue
to dominate both the marketing and technology space in the coming years.
"There is no doubt that today the mobile platform has created a strong
mechanism for interacting with customers and certainly our experience has
shown that the 18-35 year old age group is very receptive to most forms of
mobile communication.
"Companies that are not using this communication device to engage with their
customers and drive greater customer loyalty or brand connection need to
strongly consider what the impact of ignoring this channel will be for them
in the future."