Oracle has announced that Oracle Remote Data Capture, Oracle Clinical and
Oracle Thesaurus Management System are helping to meet customers'
study-based requirements.

By accommodating study-based requirements when that is preferred by
customers, Oracle is making it easier for health sciences organisations to
leverage Oracle's best-in-class clinical applications for electronic data
capture, clinical trial management and thesaurus management.
Oracle has built the health sciences sector's most comprehensive suite of
applications for clinical development and safety. The applications provide a
streamlined system for managing large volumes of patient data collected
during clinical trials and offer flexible features for modeling any kind of
clinical study.
Recently, Oracle announced the formation of a new Global Business Unit
focused on software applications for the health sciences industry. Today, 20
of the 20 top pharmas and 14 of the 15 top US hospitals run Oracle.
"As part of our commitment to accelerate insights for better health, it is
critical that we maximize customer value and deliver the industry's best
ownership experience for Oracle clinical applications. We believe offering
applications that can accommodate study-based requirements helps fulfill
this commitment by providing increased flexibility for our life sciences
customers," said Neil de Crescenzo, senior vice-president and GM of Oracle
Health Sciences Global Business Unit.