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Mimecast offers Data Leak Prevention in SaaS offering


Mimecast has announced the addition of Data Leak Prevention (DLP) functionality to its online email security, continuity and archiving solution.
With the addition of this new feature, Mimecast has become the first vendor to provide a comprehensive solution to the issue of data loss through the Software-as-a-Service model.

The new functionality will ensure that emails containing known data types such as credit card numbers, emails that have defined content or emails with confidential attachments can be detected and have policy applied.
This functionality provides organisations with greater control over the information that leaves their premises in order to meet internal governance and legislative compliance requirements.
With 94% of companies currently having no measures in place to stop confidential information from leaving their organisation by email, Mimecast's new email based DLP functionality provides a robust solution ensuring that users can prevent confidential or sensitive information from leaving the confines of their organisation.
The new DLP solution provides a number of features to ensure that organisations can guard against both accidental or malicious leaks of data.Mimecast's use of a centralised policy engine across all email management tasks provides organisations with the capability to hold an email, provide a notification, change the email¹s disclaimer, remove portions of the email, strip an attachment or force the content to be encrypted though defined policy rules.
Eric Domage comments: "DLP is quite an event in the IT Security Industry.This is the first time a value proposition directly addresses a business problem (Intellectual property, privacy and confidentiality leakage).
"Usually, security solutions address threats, vulnerabilities, compliance or continuity. So DLP is not a new technology but a new global and centralized solution for a real business need. Most companies in Europe understand the data leakage problem and have already implemented partial solutions.
"File or disk encryption is often used to protect data and knowledge but it is not enough to cover the full spectrum of extended business, particularly when email accounts for a high percentage of all data leakage. DLP brings a high level solution, made of combined technologies, so that organisations can monitor and control 'information as a currency' wherever the information is."
Dr James Blake, product strategist and security matter expert at Mimecast comments: "Organisations need to take an information-centric and holistic view of their security measures. DLP is one vital component of their overall security strategy in order the meet the increasingly stringent requirements of governance and legislative compliance.
"With our new DLP features we¹re offering a solution which tightly integrates with other features in our service to manage the email throughout its entire lifecycle; from transmission to storage without the need to deploy and configure on-premises hardware."