NBC Holdings has implemented a custom-developed application to streamline
its home loan application process. Developed by Ability Solutions, the new
software makes use of the latest in mobile and wireless technologies to
reduce the time taken to approve loans from 21 days to 15 minutes.

NBC is a black-owned employee benefits company that is focused on the
efficient management of provident funds for blue-collar workers. Part of its
function is to provide qualified provident fund members with home loans
without prejudicing the investment performance of the respective funds under
According to NBC's home loans project manager, Tony Sibanda, members
applying for a loan were used to waiting for a month or more before the
money was available, assuming their applications were approved. He says the
approval method used was a mixture of manual and automated processes that
took as long as 21 days to complete.
"We realised we needed an integrated home loan application that would
automate 100% of the approval process," says Sibanda. "We therefore issued a
tender for a new application that would seamlessly integrate with our
existing administration software. Ability's professional approach and
determination to understand the business requirements of NBC saw it win the
The home loan solution Ability developed in cooperation with FlowCentric now
allows the company to approve an application in 15 minutes. NBC agents meet
with an applicant and capture all the individual's details electronically.
Using portable scanners and mobile connectivity, the data is automatically
sent to the appropriate parties where it is immediately processed.
"The application is therefore approved or disallowed while the agent is with
the applicant and can answer any questions that may arise," says Ability's
marketing director, John Olsson. "In addition, the system includes all FICA
and NCA regulations to ensure fairness and transparency in the process."
Sibanda adds: "One of the biggest selling points that made us choose Ability
was its in-depth knowledge of NBC and its business processes.
"Ability asked the right questions in order to understand where the company
was as well as where we wanted to be. It then tailored a solution that would
provide the services we need now and easily support future development."
Sibanda notes that Ability's performance in the scoping, development,
implementation and ongoing support of the project has been exemplary. He
notes that the quality of the people Ability has on site is exceptional as
they have the experience needed to provide expertise with respect to
products and industry-specific services.
"Given Ability's support and intellectual investment into the company, NBC
is more than satisfied with the company's service and plans to use the
company again in future as new products are rolled out," concludes Sibanda.