Enabling customers to run their time-critical business applications faster, and with more reliability and predictability, Novell has announced that SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time 10 is now certified on select IBM BladeCenter hardware and supported by IBM WebSphere Real Time middleware.

Utilising best-of-breed products, Novell's real-time operating system and IBM's real-time Java hardware together ensure enterprises running latency-sensitive applications have the highest possible performance and availability across their entire solution stack.
"IBM and Novell are leveraging their strengths to deliver complete Linux-based solutions for customers looking for ways to reduce latency and increase the availability of their time-sensitive applications by running them on a certified and supported open source-based solution stack," says Inna Kuznetsova, director of Linux at IBM. "Real-time Linux enables customers to prioritise processes and allows for a predictable period of completion on many time-sensitive projects, including critical tasks such as derivatives trading."
Companies are increasingly standardising on Java for its portability and time to market advantages. Until recently, however, enterprises running time-critical Java applications could not guarantee they would meet necessary time constraints and quality of service metrics. Combining IBM BladeCenter hardware and IBM WebSphere Real Time with SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time 10 from Novell ensures time-sensitive Java workloads will deliver predictable performance, each and every time. This means mission critical enterprises, such as financial services organisations, are able to meet their external and internal customer commitments.
"SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time from Novell is fully supported with WebSphere Real Time and certified on select IBM BladeCenter hardware," says Roger Levy, senior vice president and general manager of Open Platform Solutions at Novell. "Enterprises that require their Java applications to meet strict deadlines now have access to an integrated, tested and optimised development and run-time environment for time-critical Java workloads."