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Data Guardian, DCC deliver centralised storage solution to Coris Capital


Financial services company Coris Capital has partnered with Data Guardian
and Drive Control Corporation (DCC) for the implementation of a three-tiered
data protection solution which forms part of its infrastructure
centralisation and subsequent upgrade efforts.

The organisation now benefits from a scalable and flexible end-to-end data
protection system that addresses Coris Capital's data availability and
capacity, and backup and storage needs.  The system also plays a key role in
the execution of Coris Capital's business strategy.
Implemented by Data Guardian and supplied by DCC, Coris Capital opted for
Overland's Ultamus 1200 RAID storage arrays for online storage, REO 9100
high-end disk based backup and recovery appliance for near-line disk, and
ARCvault tape library for offline tape, which make up a three-tiered storage
Says Anamika Budree, Overland Storage Specialist at DCC: "Overland's
solution met the full spectrum of Coris Capital's storage needs with its
three-tiered approach which incorporates disk for primary storage where
business critical information that needed to be accessed was stored. The
near-line component, The Ultamus 1200 RAID storage arrays delivers a
reliable backup solution, ensuring data availability in the event of failure
of the hard disk solution and the company's archiving requirements were met
with the ARCvault auto loaders."
Says Karen Dethioux, IT manager at Coris Capital: "Since implementing the
Overland-based data protection solution we have, for one, benefited from
increased capacity – we no longer run out of space as was the case with our
previous infrastructure. Furthermore, the SAN storage disks are quick and we
can rest assured that our important data is protected and backed up while
also complying with the necessary regulations.
"The solution is also transparent; it runs in the background while our users
enjoy increased capacity and quicker system response. Furthermore, the
availability of our applications has improved significantly."
Jose Coelho, business manager of Data Guardian, adds: "Installing the
equipment and migrating Coris Capital's data from their old system to the
new data protection infrastructure took approximately two months with the
bulk moved in just over a week.  This is undoubtedly indicative of the
success of the project as well as the support we had from both DCC and the
team at Coris Capital."
Coris Capital's requirements were systems/application availability, ease of
scalability, performance, compatibility with existing and future
technologies and ease of use. Coris Capital had to ensure that during
integration and migration, downtime was minimised and preferably eliminated
which posed quite a challenge.
With the REO and ARCvault systems in place during the first phase of the
project, the speed and ease at which data could be moved/migrated between
systems made it possible. The REO system was used for data backup retentions
of a week or two before being overwritten and the ARCvault had a daily copy
of all REO backups. This way the tapes were sent offsite daily from the
ARCvault library whilst data remained available real-time for ad-hoc
restores on the REO.
The SAN had to be configured in such a way that Coris Capital's applications
would have an improvement in performance and availability, without having to
sacrifice data integrity. All of this was met with the Ultamus' ability to
support various RAID levels with various stripe sizes, disk spindles and
cache partitions. Another useful feature with the Ultamus 1200 is its data
path management software which automatically auto-balances the I/O load
across all RAID controller ports allowing for increased system availability
and application performance.
As a result of a centralised system, Coris Capital also enjoys the benefits
that come from an infrastructure that is more manageable and less complex.
"Jose and the team's service were phenomenal; they were a great help and
very professional, swiftly finding resolutions to any problems we had during
our initial teething process," comments Dethioux.
Data Guardian's design also enables us to adhere to our business strategies
for the next few years. From a consulting perspective, Jose also provided us
with a couple of solutions with the support we needed to realise ideas."