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Expect rapid RFID growth in SA


ProScan Enterprise Mobility, a member of the ProScan Group, announced the
ratification in the government gazette on the 5th June 2008 of both the
European ETSI and a portion of the USA FCC frequencies for the use of RFID
identification systems, which heralds a significant move forward in the
rapid  adoption of this technology in South Africa.

The acceptance of both standards to cater for RFID identification systems
means that South African companies can benefit from technologies that have
been developed globally.
According to Owen Behr, Product & Development Director at ProScan Enterprise
Mobility, South Africa falls under ITU Region 1, on which the European ETSI
standard is based.
"We are extremely pleased that both standards are ratified, as the ETSI
standard presents certain restrictions, whereas the American FCC standard
allows for high performance and maximum utilisation of RFID technology. In
fact, this means that South Africans benefit from the best of both worlds in
the RFID arena, as enterprise can pick and chose a standard to suit their
specific application, budget and environment.
"The defining of SA regulation with respect to the spectrum reallocation to
cater for RFID systems removes the uncertainty and hesitancy previously
experienced in our market place, where enterprises were postponing  their
investment in RFID implementation, unsure what technologies would be covered
under the new legislation."
ProScan is the sole value added distributor for the Intermec range of RFID
products, which  is already compliant with both ETSI and FCC standards.
"We are in the process of applying for ICASA approval on the Intermec RFID
product range for both the ETSI and FCC frequencies, but this is a mere
formality", says Behr.
"The RFID range includes the Intermec IP30 portable reader, the PM4i
labelling printer and RFID tag encoder and the IF61 fixed position portal