By next month, Neotel will be able to offer number portability to most of its customers. It also intends to bring content closer to the user in order to reduce international bandwidth requirements.

That's the word from Rajeev Sinha, Neotel's head of products & services, who says that number portability will become commercial available to all the telecommunications operators' customers by September.
Neotel recently ported its first block of numbers for enterprise customers.
Other new offerings in the pipeline include managed services and utility-based services, which it expects to be able to offer by year-end.
Neotel is also investigating a pay-per-use model for services that enterprises have an occasional need for.
Simha says, on the content front, that between 60% and 70% of content in South Africa is still downloaded from international servers – a figure that is high compared to other countries.
However, Neotel will soon start working on bringing relevant content closer to the end user, leveraging the global Tata network as well as by forging relationships with content providers like Google and Yahoo.