Dell has passed a "green" milestone, having officially become a carbon-neutral company. It is believed to be the first IT company to reach this goal.

Marcus Elbers, EMEA environmental programme manager, tells IT-Online the company also plans to become the greenest IT vendor in the market – a goal it is aggressively pursuing.
He says the carbon-neutrality goal relates to Dell as a company and was reached just over one week ago.
Apart from processes and operational savings, the company has managed to achieve carbon neutrality through its tree-planting programmes which offset the carbon emissions of various products.
It also has a number of programmes in place to improve its already impressive green IT credentials.
According to Elbers, these are spread over four areas: concept and design; manufacturing; customer experience; and end of life.
Among the projects on the go are the elimination of PVC and Brominated flame retardents from its products – this should be achieved by the end of 2009.
It also has programmes in place to help users dispose of their equipment once it reaches end of life. This includes safely and securely removing all data – an aspect that a surprising number of companies forget about.