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MicroStrategy Integrity Manager adds new integrity features


MicroStrategy has announced that its latest release of MicroStrategy 8T
software offers rich enhancements to MicroStrategy Integrity ManagerT.

MicroStrategy Integrity Manager is used to automatically detect
inconsistencies and inaccuracies in reports and dashboards that can be
inadvertently introduced into a BI ecosystem.
Using MicroStrategy Integrity Manager, IT personnel can detect and correct
anomalies in reports and dashboards before business users see them, giving
the business users greater confidence in the accuracy of their reports.
Integrity Manager can be used by IT to regression-test tens of thousands of
reports and dashboards automatically during major upgrade events, including
BI software version upgrades, database version upgrades, database vendor
changes, BI application upgrades, and ETL script changes.
With Integrity Manager, organisations can decrease the amount of time spent
during regression-testing from weeks down to hours, dramatically reducing
administrative costs of BI and enabling a more nimble BI environment.
In the latest version of MicroStrategy 8 software, enhancements to Integrity
Manager include highlighting specific inconsistencies found in SQL
generation, grid reports, graphs, dashboards, and Excel reports. In
addition, IT personnel can now compare performance statistics for every
report or dashboard run, including average, minimum, and maximum report
execution times, and compare the variances to baseline statistics.
"Since we introduced Integrity Manager last year, customers have embraced
its contribution toward helping them maintain healthy enterprise BI
applications," says Sanju Bansal, MicroStrategy COO.  "In addition to saving
time and resources for organisations, Integrity Manager gives users
confidence in the integrity of their data, which is critical to the success
of their BI applications."