Neotel's NeoMetro Link, a fully converged metro access layer, allows enterprise customers to connect to the fibre network within 14 days.

"We completed the rollout of metro rings roughly 12 months ago," says Stefano Mattiello, executive head of Enterprise Group at Neotel. "What we are in the process of rolling out now is the metro access layer, which enables the customer to link to our network, hence the term fibre to the kerb."
He says that Neotel took a strategic decision to immediately implement the metro access layer which resembles a spiral.
"It runs with the existing streets and is laid in the kerb to provide access across an entire area rather than just connecting major hubs," says Mattiello. "Essentially what this means is that the infrastructure is already available and therefore we can connect customers in much faster turnaround times."
Neotel, the first converged communications operator, is using this network to provide customers with multiplay services – voice, data and internet over one high bandwidth network.
"The benefit to the customer is faster deployment, more bandwidth and a fully scalable service to meet their requirements – even when their needs change," he says. "It also means that our services are not limited to big organisations – smaller companies are moving over to our network because it is already available in their metros and therefore quick to deploy."
Neotel has already completed metro access networks in Sandton, Rosebank, Randburg, Johannesburg Central and Durban Central. Pretoria Central, Cape Town Central and Umhlanga will be completed over the next few months..
Mattiello believes that this approach is truly changing the dynamics of the industry.
"While many might feel that there is risk in taking this approach as all clients might not sign up with us, we feel that we would rather have the infrastructure in place to be ready for them when they do make the  move," says Mattiello.
"In addition to that, our approach eliminates any perceived exclusivity attached to having high quality telecommunications services and customer service – we've made sure any company, large or small, within the metro can connect to our network."