Looking forward to all the exciting sporting events including the Beijing
Olympics in August this year, followed by the Paralympics coming up in
September? Don't get disqualified by power problems!; with the APC Back-UPS,
you'll get the gold medal from your friends and family.

"Imagine sitting comfortably on your sofa with friends, family, drinks and
snacks conveniently at hand. With only a few minutes to go, your favourite
athlete looks like he's going to make it to the podium against the odds,
then the unthinkable happens – a power failure," says Rodney Callaghan, MD:
southern Africa at APC by Schneider Electric.
"At best, the time taken to reset your reception box and your high
definition or plasma screen means it could all be over by the time service
is restored. At worst, the effects of power outages or unreliable power
quality could leave your sophisticated electronic equipment stretchered off
for longer than the post-match celebrations.
"And the incidence of power outages or diminished power quality is not
unusual these days, and it is unfortunately more likely at times when lots
of other people may be sitting on their sofa following the game as well.
"If you don't trust South Africa's creaking power grid to get you to the
land of the rising sun this August, then trust APC's new generation of
Back-UPS solutions. A UPS (uninterruptible power supply) cuts in when the
grid fails to deliver the quantity or quality of power needed to run your
equipment. APC provides the most trusted range of home and small office
UPSes in the world and the easy to use range includes options for all types
of electronic and IT equipment," he says.
The APC Back-UPS range has received accolades from influential consumer IT
publications for its reliability, its ease of use, its versatility across
many types of equipment and its value for money. The HS range has been
developed to cater for the specific needs of home technology and the RS
range for equipment operating in poor power areas, or which requires
extended back-up periods.