MWeb Africa has launched a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service for the African continent, enabling VSAT (satellite) customers to make or receive voice calls to or from almost anywhere in the world at significantly reduced rates.

Voice calls to other MWEB Africa VoIP customers using MWeb Africa's VSAT service will be free of charge, making the solution attractive for companies with geographically dispersed offices.
MWeb Africa's VSAT service is currently offered in over 14 countries in Africa and is looking to expand its distributor channel to more countries on the continent.
Harry Aucamp, CEO of MWeb Africa, says the VoIP solution has been optimised to work efficiently over its VSAT platform through a unique feature whereby bandwidth is reserved specifically for the voice service. "Users will experience quality voice speech throughout the conversation, while still enjoying an affordable service.
"MWeb Africa's VSAT solution bundled with its VoIP service is an ideal solution for companies in sub-Sahara Africa looking for a turnkey solution for both their data and voice requirements" says Aucamp. "Sub-Saharan Africa represents a significant growth opportunity for MWeb Africa and we are in the process of developing more exciting innovations for the continent."
Although the VoIP service is currently only available on its VSAT platform, MWeb Africa plans to extend the service to its various WiMax infrastructures soon.
For many Internet clients in sub-Saharan Africa, satellite still represents the quickest and most reliable means to access the Internet. MWeb Africa's VoIP solution on its VSAT platform is seen as a positive step toward bridging the digital divide and empowering citizens with communication anywhere on the continent.