Spescom DataVoice has released version 2.0 of its award winning Qnique
Contact Centre agent optimisation software.

Qnique 2.0 builds on the strength of the previous version, adding automated
reporting of critical functions to agents and team leaders, as well as
snapshot trend reports. These enhancements are designed to further improve
the performance and decision-making capabilities of agents, team leaders,
quality assessors and call centre managers.
Kgabo Badimo, CEO of Spescom DataVoice, says: "The most critical and costly
challenges within contact centres today are acquiring, training and
retaining the right people to meet business objectives; optimising daily
performance delivery; and doing the customer feedback surveys needed to
prove results. Qnique provides the tools to effectively automate these
processes. Qnique 2.0's improved reporting functionality, which is a direct
result of user feedback, adds depth to reporting, introduces greater
accountability, and gives users better access to more focussed business
intelligence, enabling cost, risk and performance improvements."
The primary enhancements in Qnique 2.0 include:
* In-depth reporting to assist with agent training management. This includes
automatic notification of the agent as to which training module to complete,
reporting on the number of agents that have completed online training, the
time taken to complete a training course and when training was completed,
and system generated reminders to the agent/trainer/supervisor if training
is incomplete;
* Improved feedback process management. If an agent/team leader does not
give feedback within the required period, an automated notification is sent
to a team leader/quality assessor;
* Better management of recording evaluations. Reports are generated on the
status of recording evaluations and the system automatically notifies the
agent and team leader when the quality assessor has completed an evaluation;
* Snapshot trend reports. These ensure users have more flexibility and
control in terms of report creation. For instance, the system can produce
reports quickly and easily by: agent, team, group, centre, location and/or
for the virtual call centre; by call type (inbound, outbound or internal);
by evaluator or evaluation criteria; and by quality assessment checklist
category, among others; and
* Formatting, installation and database enhancements. These remove the
necessity of manual intervention during installation, ease upgrades and
"A key differentiator is the unique combination of functionality contained
within Qnique and its rich store of intellectual property that delivers
business intelligence," says Badimo.
"Having access to information that drives workforce management and flexible
reporting that deliver's deep analysis and insight into performance issues
and trends, provides our customers' with a competitive edge.  The knowledge
and experience that has been embedded in Qnique is based on our wealth of
contact centre people management and consulting experience. We will continue
to listen closely to our customers' evolving requirements."