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ATIO goes green with Nortel


ATIO has put its weight behind Nortel's recent commitment to decrease the
energy consumption and carbon footprint of its products.

Neville Quinton, business unit executive at ATIO, says: "We stand firmly
behind our selection of Nortel as Atio's flagship data solution. This choice
has paid significant dividends over the past two years and has been
reinforced by Nortel's recent emphasis on the environment."
Nortel's focus on 'going green' is part of an active shift by governments
and corporations globally to lower power consumption from an environmental
and cost-saving point of view.
All Nortel's products are designed accordingly, and the immediate benefits
can be seen in its data range of products where organisations can save up to
50% in power consumption. In a relatively large network of 2 500 users, this
means saving 7 106 metric tons of CO2 emissions over a five-year period –
the equivalent of the emissions produced by 249 small passenger cars each
travelling 169 000 kilometres.
Independent research by The Tolly Group in January 2008 benchmarked the
Nortel Enterprise Ethernet Switch (ERS) 4548GT-PWR and 4550-PWR against
Nortel's main competitors, demonstrating that the Nortel products consumed
56% less power on average without sacrificing performance. In fact, Nortel
outperformed its main rivals in:
* Layer 2, zero-loss throughput;
* Rapid recovery from link, switch and server failures; and
* Rebounds from switch failures (seven times faster) and from link failures
(four times faster).
The report states: "The perceived myth among IT staff is that the safe
network investment is to side with the market leader. In today's networks
though, three factors emerge as the key to successful implementations –
performance, resiliency and total cost of ownership (TCO). The vendor that
delivers the greatest combination of those factors is positioned best to
serve the needs of enterprise networks. Frequently the market leader is not
the best choice at delivering a rounded offering with optimal performance,
unflappable resiliency and competitive TCO."
According to Quinton, ATIO recently replaced its own data infrastructure
with Nortel's ERS 5520 switches.
"The benefits, especially with regards to performance and manageability,
were immediately evident," he says. "We are looking forward to contributing
to the environment (even if it is in a small way at first) by reducing CO2
emissions through lowering the power consumption of our data infrastructure.
Imagine the positive impact it could have on our environment if some of our
large financial and government institutions with more than 30 000 employees
did the same."