Breaking new ground in mobile entertainment, LG Electronics, a worldwide
leader in mobile communications, and Dolby Laboratories, Inc. (Dolby),
announced that LG would be the first handset maker to incorporate Dolby
Mobile into handsets bound for the global market.

The companies signed an agreement that grants LG a licence to embed Dolby
Mobile Technology into its handsets.
Dolby Mobile is an audio processing technology platform designed to deliver
rich, vibrant audio and dramatically improve listening enjoyment. Built on
Dolby's extensive portfolio of technologies, Dolby Mobile has been optimised
for mobile applications.
"Being the first company to incorporate Dolby Mobile technology into
handsets for the global market reinforces LG's role as a leader in the
mobile industry and in multimedia phones," says Dr Skott Ahn, president and
CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company.
"We believe this technology will raise the bar for audio quality on
multimedia phones and expect Dolby Mobile to help us create a new trend in
the mobile phone industry. LG is committed to providing our customers with
the best features available and our new collaboration with Dolby helps us
deliver on this pledge," Ahn adds.
Bill Jasper, president and CEO of Dolby, says: "LG shares our passion for
cutting-edge innovation. This agreement combines LG's vision and resources
with Dolby's pioneering leadership in entertainment technology to deliver
the next generation of mobile entertainment. Our broad experience and
success working with LG in the past gives us great confidence as we move
Dolby Mobile is designed to allow customers to optimise and tailor audio for
an enhanced entertainment experience. LG plans to apply Dolby Mobile
technology to a wide range of multimedia features on its phones.
Some of the Dolby Mobile features that LG plans to incorporate into its
phones include:
* Mobile Surround, which delivers a realistic surround sound experience
using headphones;
* Sound Space Expander, which creates a wide, rich and spacious soundstage
experience especially suited to music playback;
* Natural Bass, which adds powerful boost and bass extension;
* High Frequency Enhancer, which enhances music and other content by
restoring high-frequency effects;
* Graphic EQ, which helps tune the audio experience for different content
* Sound Level Control, which helps level out audio for a more consistent
playback volume; and
* Mono-to-Stereo Converter, which improves the playback experience of
user-generated content.