A trend emerging from a survey of high-risk threats in July is that there is a proliferation of high traffic-generating threats – Iframe.DN, Iframe.DR and edirector.CA – as a way to drive users to specific web sites for financial gain – and most of these were to insurance sites.

"Strong activity this month among high traffic-generating malware means that users need to put even more thought in how to be safe on the Internet; avoiding underground and pornographic sites, for example, does not make you 100 percent malware proof today," says Perry Hutton, Fortinet manager for sub-Sahara Africa. "Online safety really comes from a combination of good practice and adapted security solutions."
Fortinet's FortiGuard Global Security Research Team compiled this report based on intelligence gathered from FortiGate multi-threat security systems in production worldwide. Customers who use Fortinet's FortiGuard Subscription Services are already protected against the threats outlined in this report.
Other malware trends observed during this period include the following:
* Virut.A, a virus that infects executable files, continues its impressive run with increased activity, landing in second place and keeping its six-month placement in the top five;
* Pushdo, a Trojan whose purpose is to download and install malicious software, is back among the Top Ten this month after briefly dropping in activity;
* Two new Javascript variants – Iframe.DR and Redirector.CA – take hold of seventh and tenth positions, respectively; and
* Heavy online gaming Trojan activity continues in Taiwan and Japan through OnLineGames.fam!tr.pws; as a family, OnLineGames still tops the list.