Imation has introduced an extension of its Solid State Drive (SSD) solutions
product line, ideal for power users seeking a high-performance solution to
help fuel the demands of their business.

New products in Imation's SSD family include the PRO 7500, which delivers
the latest-generation solid state storage technology with increased speed
and capacity; and the PRO 7000 PATA, which provides an easy-upgrade solution
for legacy equipment with high-performance needs still using the standard
PATA interface. Both the PRO 7500 and 7000 PATA products are powered by
Mtron technology.
Imation SSDs provide the benefits of leading SSD-controller technology
combined with Imation's more than 50 years of data storage and technology
service expertise to support customers in their unique environments.
"With our recent SSD product introductions, Imation continues to keep our
customers ahead of the technology curve by providing superior, solid state
drive solutions that push the envelope, yet still enable users to leverage
their current equipment," says Subodh Kulkarni, vice president: Global
Commercial Business, R&D & Manufacturing at Imation.
SSD is a data storage technology, which utilises solid state memory. An
Imation SSD emulates a hard disk drive (HDD) but has no motors or moving
parts, providing faster, more robust and more reliable data storage than
traditional HDDs with improved durability and shock resistance, while
reducing overall heat and noise generation.
The SSD PRO 7500 series is an ideal solution for individual and business
applications with extreme performance needs such as high-performance
workstations, storage arrays, database servers, Web servers and other
network appliances. Featuring an ultra-high-speed internal data bus, the PRO
7500 delivers extremely high-sustained read (130Mbps) and write speeds
(120Mbps), impressive input and output operations per second (IOPS)
performance of 83 000 sequential read and 19 000 random read, SATA 3.0 Mbps
interface and almost no seek time.
With less than half the weight of traditional hard drives, plus reduced
power consumption, the PRO 7500 packs a powerful solution with superior
drive performance in a lightweight, power-efficient design. With
mean-time-between failures (MTBF) of one million hours, the PRO 7500
provides outstanding product reliability in a rugged package designed for
harsh environments.
Imation SSD PRO 7000 PATA makes it easy to upgrade legacy equipment for
high-performance needs using the standard PATA interface. Featuring an
ultra-high-speed internal data bus, the PRO 7000 PATA delivers extremely
high-sustained read (130Mbps) and write speeds (120Mbps), impressive IOPS
performance of 27 000 sequential read and 18 000 random read with virtually
no seek time.
In addition to the expected SSD benefits of performance, reliability and
environmental endurance, the PRO 7000 PATA makes it easy to install and use
with standard PATA interface support providing an ideal solution for
upgrading legacy equipment.