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Sahara shows off latest Centrino 2 notebook


Sahara Computers, in association with Intel SA, debuted its latest mobile
solution, the Sahara ImageBook 15WS notebook – based on Intel's latest
platform and powered by Intel Centrino 2 processor technology – at
yesterday's launch of the Intel Centrino 2 processor technology in Midrand.
It is targeted at both the business (corporate) and consumer markets, with
components and features that will attract both the professional mobile
enthusiast as well as the ardent gamer, for example.

Gary Naidoo, deputy MD at Sahara, explains that the Montevina platform
represents a clear and powerful advancement by Intel in processing and
performance within mobile & wireless infrastructure.
One such feature is the quick switching speed. This automatically switches
the CPU to 'hurry up and be idle' mode – in other words it is controlled to
switch off all unnecessary applications or running processes that are not
being used at any given time.
Furthermore this product is also enhanced with integrated Intel Speedstep
Technology, which facilitates the switching from one mode to another and
cancels out all applications that do not require CPU time and prevents quick
battery loss by minimizing required processing circuits.
"Intel can confidently stipulate that this solution can and does meet all
the needs of a variety of users, including those that require
high-definition graphics. Among its technical features is onboard graphics
and an altered chipset technology that is focused to support high definition
video playback as well as Blue Ray Disks on laptops," adds Naidoo.
The Sahara Intel Montevina notebook incorporates a Special Graphics
Controller which fulfils the same function of a desktop graphics card.
Additionally, the solution provides the advantage of 4GB Turbo Intel memory,
which can be assigned by the user to various applications. This complements
the 4GB of RAM already housed in the premier offering.
"Ultimately this is a much thinner, lighter mobile solution that comes with
an 15.4-inch LCD screen, built-in Webcam for video conferencing and a PCI
express card slot. It follows the global trend of 'shrinking the packaging'
in mobile solutions and also facilitates and supports 'instant-on' switching
technology. All-in-all a very sound, and very valuable investment," says
The product will be available to the market by the end of this quarter.