Have you noticed how much paper you throw away when printing from the Web?
asks Charlotte Saayman, consumer product manager at HP SA
Typically, Web printing results in pages with lines of unwanted text,
banners & advertisements, blank pages, and pages you print just to capture a
paragraph or two of content.  Chances are a lot of trees have been given up
to print information from the Web.

HP's technology, Smart Web Printing, will help you get rid of all those
wasted pages. This is a freely downloadable software application which now
provides an easy and convenient solution to this annoying and expensive
problem. It enables simple, predictable Web printing and gives you control
over what content you want to save and how you want it printed.
HP Smart Web Printing gives you the power to:
* Save paper, ink & toner;
* Take control of your Web search findings;
* Organise your compiled Web content to suit your needs; and
* Get more accurate and useful prints.
Surf the Web and keep multiple Web pages open as you research. When you're
ready to compile and print your content , choose the text, graphics or
images you want by selecting Smart Web Printing icon from your Web browser's
toolbar, and simply dragging your cursor around the object you want to save.
Then you can print it immediately; it's scaled to match the size of your
paper. Or you can place the clip in a Clip Book for editing or printing
Up to 100 clips can be saved in the Clip Book and combined and edited into a
custom document. You can resize content, crop unwanted information,
rearrange clip order or arrange clips side-by-side and add your own text and
notes in this easy-to-use document creator.
Now, you can condense content from five or six Web pages into a one or
two-page document that includes all the information you've gathered,
organised in a way that works for your needs. Instead of printing a dozen
pages, half of which are mostly blank or incomplete, you can print two and
have all the content you need at your fingertips.
When you have the information organised the way you want, you can save it as
a PDF or send it to your printer. In either case, what you see is what you
get. The PDF and the print both look exactly as it did on your screen so
there are no surprises waiting for you in your printer tray or output file.
This is the first software of its kind that gives you the freedom and
flexibility to select, store and organise text and graphics from multiple
Web pages, then edit and print exactly what you have saved and laid out on
your screen.
How many times have you printed a single Web page only to find an extra page
with only a line or two of footer text in your printer tray? Have you ever
wondered how many of those pages you've printed and thrown away in the last
year alone?
When you print a full Web page using the Smart Web Printing tool, your
output is automatically scaled to fit the width of the paper in your
printer. Each Web page is printed in its entirety in a single full-page
document without the common problems of losing text when the right border is
cut off or printing useless blank pages. With Smart Web Printing, you can
say goodbye to the frustration of wasted paper or clipped content and say
hello to complete, sensible prints.