With certain IT vendors appointing numerous new distributors like there is no tomorrow, Toshiba South Africa yesterday took the bold step of appointing Mustek as its sole distributor in the country.

The announcement by Toshiba SA's regional marketing manager, Reon Coetzee at a function last night was met with loud cheers from about 250 resellers.
"This is a special night for us," Coetzee says. "Toshiba as a company has put a lot of thought into this … a lot of blood and sweat. We need a partner that is financially strong, offers great service and which has great people working for it. We believe we've got that with Mustek.
"There are a lot of questions when it comes to deciding on going sole distribution, but one that is key is service," Coetzee says. "We're not cocky enough to say that we don't have a failure rate – we do, and things do go wrong. In the past, service was just another module of our business – there was no real focus on service.
"But, by going the sole distribution route, we're now going to provide the service that was perhaps lacking in the past," he says. "And, partnering with Mustek – a company renowned for its service – makes perfect sense."
Coetzee says some of the services the company will be working towards with Mustek include one-day service offerings, collect and return within five working days, and on-site warranties.
"Mustek is the only vehicle for these type of offerings," he says. "Toshiba and Mustek are determined to not only provide the best products in the market, but also the best service – and make sure that we become number one in this market."
David Kan, CEO of Mustek says one of the company's strategies is to pursue exclusive distribution rights for selected brands.
"We've been pursuing this policy for a long time," Kan says. "And Toshiba notebooks will now form part of that focus.
"We will make resources available and invest not only in marketing, but also in areas such as human resources in order to provide the best available service for Toshiba.
"This will be Toshiba's differentiator against other brands in the market," he says.