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Dell takes mobility to new Latitudes


Dell has announced a complete new line of Latitude and Dell Precision
laptops, ranging from the lightest ultra-portable in the company's history
to the most powerful mobile workstation.

The new Latitude systems provide breakthrough battery life, brilliant new
design and style – including a choice of five colours.
"Since 1995, we've shipped more business laptops worldwide than anyone,"
says Michael Dell, chairman and CEO of Dell. "This, and our 5-million plus
conversations a day with customers, gives us real insight into the needs of
the digital nomad. Today we're translating that insight into breakthrough
productivity, portability and design. The new Latitudes are breathtaking."
Dell's re-engineered Latitude lineup answers a wide range of user profiles:
* Ultra-Portable – Dell Latitude E4200 is a 12.1-inch laptop that starts at
1kg, making it the lightest commercial notebook in the company's history.
The 13.3-inch Latitude E4300 has a starting weight of 1.5kg's. Designed for
road warriors and executives who demand maximum performance and light
weight, the systems will be available in the coming weeks.
* Mainstream – The Dell Latitude E6400 and E6500. The systems are ideal
desktop replacements for high-performance users.
* Essential – The Latitude E5400, a 14.1-inch notebook, the systems include
everyday features at a cost-effective price.
* Semi-Rugged – The Latitude E6400 ATG is a 14.1-inch semi-rugged laptop
that starts at 2.5kg's. It is built and tested to meet Military 810F
standards for dust, vibration and humidity.
* Desk-Based – From new port replicators to full docking solutions that fit
any usage scenario with smaller footprints and streamlined cabling, users
can "hot undock."
Dell will offer colours for the first time on Latitude laptops. In addition
to Mica-Brushed Metal, the Latitude E4200, E4300, E6400 and E6500 will be
available in Regatta Blue, Regal Red and Quartz Pink (E4200 only) in the
coming weeks. The E5400 and E5500 are available in Matte Black.
"The new Latitude laptops and Dell Precision mobile workstations represent
the largest client product development effort in the history of Dell," says
Gavin Slevin, client product brand manager, Dell South Africa. "We've
invested more than 1 million engineering hours and the result is a family of
head-turning products that are as solid on the inside as on the outside,
with features that enable better security, manageability and productivity."
Incorporating a wide range of new technology, Dell's new Latitudes feature:
* All-day computing on the E6400 with breakthrough battery life of up to 19
* Full-frame magnesium alloy construction and all-metal hinges;
* Sophisticated keyboard design;
* Ease of use with Dell ControlPoint, centralising control of user settings
for power management, connectivity configurations and security management in
a single application;
* First business-class laptop with an intelligent backlit keyboard that
automatically adjusts to ambient light levels;
* Exclusive ControlVault solution –  intelligent security sub-processors
with embedded non-volatile storage that centralises and helps protect user
credentials and security keys in a single hardened security "vault" away
from the systems main drive;
* The E6500 is the only laptop with both a contact-less Smart Card reader
and a fingerprint reader that comply with Federal Information Processing
Standards; and,
* Simplified IT with compatible peripherals, adapters, docking and robust
manageability features across the entire portfolio.
The company also previewed Dell Latitude ON, a new technology that will
enable near-instant access to e-mail, calendar, attachments, contacts and
the Web without booting into the system's main operating system (OS).
Expected in the coming months on the Latitude E4200 and E4300, Dell Latitude
ON uses a dedicated low-voltage sub-processor and OS that can enable
multi-day battery life.