Phoenix Software has announced that Pinnacle Systems has updated its Dazzle
video capture family. The Dazzle family allows consumers to easily transfer
video content from camcorders, VCRs or almost any other video device with
composite (RCA) or S-Video output and burn it to DVDs for archiving and

The Dazzle family consists of three products: Dazzle DVD Recorder to easily
back up videotapes to DVD, Dazzle Video Creator for digitising videos and
quickly editing them with the included Pinnacle Studio software, and Dazzle
Video Creator Platinum, includes Pinnacle Studio software and Scorefitter
vol.1 & 2 plug-ins to create great looking movies from captured videos.
These movies can be shared on the web or even transferred to mobile devices
like Apple iPod and Sony PSP.
Many people have their special memories recorded on VHS tapes, which aren't
the best format for long-term storage and over the years show signs of video
quality degradation, with the risk of having those special videotaped
moments disappearing. The best solution is to transfer them to DVD.
Today's DVD burners and easy-to-use video capture solutions like Dazzle make
the task of transferring footage to DVD discs affordable, fast and simple.
The Dazzle product family is the one-stop solution for effortlessly
digitising and archiving videos, prolonging the life of all those memories
caught on VHS.
With the Pinnacle Instant DVD-Recorder software included in all three Dazzle
products, users can record from a video source to a DVD with one-click.
Thanks to its direct-to-disk feature, the Pinnacle Instant DVD-Recorder
makes an exact copy of the tape to DVD and automatically adds DVD menus and
chapter points by detecting scene changes.  In minutes, users will have
rescued their family videos from deteriorating and can enjoy their DVD on
any home DVD player.
Moreover, with Pinnacle StudioT software included in Dazzle Video Creator
and Dazzle Video Creator Platinum, videos can be easily restored and
transformed into high-quality movies with effects, transitions, titles and
The Dazzle family includes:
* Dazzle DVD Recorder – for simple and fast DVD creation. It is a portable,
USB 2.0 device that is easy to install and use with one-click transfer of
videos to DVD. It also includes Pinnacle Instant DVD Recorder.
* Dazzle Video Creator – for fast, high-quality DVD creation and video
editing. It includes Pinnacle Studio software to quickly edit movies with a
full range of automated editing and restoration tools. Afterwards, users can
burn movies on DVD or share them on the web via Yahoo Videos. Also includes
Pinnacle Instant DVD Recorder.
* Dazzle Video Creator Platinum – for DVD and mobile video (MPEG-4)
creation. This product allows users to create a high-quality video that is
compatible with portable media players, including Apple Video iPod or Sony
PSP. The included Pinnacle Studio software and the soundtrack creation
plug-ins Scorefitter vol.1 & 2 make it easy to create great looking videos
that can be enjoyed on DVD, on portable devices or shared on the web.  Also
includes Pinnacle Instant DVD Recorder.