The EMC division at Workgroup has heightened its focus on file system
archiving solutions to address growing demand in the industry for an
archiving solution that reduces the burden and assists in alleviating the
issues brought about by rapid data growth.

Roshan Narshi, EMC technical product manager at Workgroup says that
companies can start by conducting a thorough assessment of their storage
environments by using EMC's VisualSRM, which is a powerful visualisation
tool that helps increase capacity utilisation and availability in
multi-vendor storage environments.
"This process will provide companies with an understanding of the various
data types, origin of files by department, and dates that file were last
accessed and modified," he says. "Additionally, VisualSRM can provide
insight on personal files such as MP3 files, photographs, etc., that can be
moved to the archive tier.
"This step will give companies insight into how many files they can safely
move, which can be used as a basis to determine cost savings and
improvements in operational efficiencies."
VisualSRM is an automated tool that enables users to see how resources are
being used and proactively manage these resources. With VisualSRM you can
set and support file-level policies and generate utilisation reports for
trend analysis.
"Many of our mid-sized customers are using VisualSRM's comprehensive toolset
for active data management, reporting and trending as it provides live
analysis of resource usage right down to the file level. VisualSRM enables
administrators to efficiently manage heterogeneous storage and server
resources," says Narshi.