Business Connexion has strengthened its security solutions capability by
signing a partnership agreement with security software vendor McAfee.

With Business Connexion's nationwide reach and extensive client base, this
partnership is expected to substantiate the company's capability in the
provision of complete security solutions while further extending McAfee's
footprint in the enterprise security market.
As a McAfee SecurityAlliance ElitePartner, Business Connexion is at the top
level of the vendor's tiered partnership model, demonstrating its commitment
to customer satisfaction, competency and revenue growth.
Jason O'Reilly, McAfee country manager, comments, "Partners at this level
have the closest working relationship with McAfee and receive a dedicated
Enterprise Support Technician, available 24×7, and a named sales account
O'Reilly adds that the company looks to its partners to add to the value of
its solutions for end users. "As a trusted advisor to its clients, Business
Connexion is able to provide strategic direction with the backing of sound
technology solutions," he says.
Eric McGee, divisional manager: information security at Business Connexion,
says the organisation has invested substantially in creating a complete
security solutions portfolio to meet the diverse needs of its client base.
"Vendor partnerships, such as the one with McAfee, are essential for the
delivery of secure IT solutions," he says.
Pointing out that partner certification is skills-driven; McGee notes that
the company has made the necessary investments in people. "Business
Connexion has exceeded the requirements of the ElitePartner programme. In
addition, we have further technical resources within the regions to support
delivery countrywide."
The McAfee solution range includes the capability for providing managed
security services. "As the country's premier managed services provider, this
dovetails with our existing security services offering," says McGee.
Demand for McAfee solutions is client-driven, McGee continues. "Already we
have key clients using McAfee, while many more are requesting these
solutions – and that's across outsourced and non-outsourced clients."