Toshiba Storage Device Division has appointed Computer Storage Services as its South African distributor.

"With the ever increasing demand for faster, smaller, and higher performance hard drives, the introduction of Toshiba hard drives in South Africa will yield positive spin off's for the local market who demands top quality and competitively priced devices" says Iqbal Ajam, Toshiba product manager at Computer Storage Services.  
"Toshiba is known for having the best quality around when it comes to hard drives. Our qualification process has proven this and with the competitive offering, we expect to take a sizable chunk of the local market share in the next 12 months."
Computer Storage Services has recorded strong growth in its hard drive business and the latest offering with the distribution of Toshiba hard drive will further supplement the core product and storage solution offering.
Toshiba hard drives are available in 80Gb, 160Gb, 250Gb, 320Gb and 400Gb capacity points. All are based on the latest SATA-2 interface (3Gbps), with an option of 5400rpm and 7200rpm.
Toshiba expects to ship the 500Gb, 9mm 2,5-inch notebook hard drives in time for the coming festive season.