Datacentrix has won the tender to supply almost 900 Engen Petroleum service stations across the country with new point of sale (POS) hardware.

Engen is currently rolling out about 1 800  HP PC desktops with Elo Touch screens. This implementation is in line with Engen’s five-year hardware replacement plan.
Japie Muller, Engen’s IT marketing manager, comments: "We went out to tender with a strong set of criteria for these devices as the hardware needed to be robust enough to be able to withstand extreme heat, dust and fatty kitchen conditions and be guarded against negligent bumps. These units were put through extreme testing for a length of time after which our decision was made.
"Essentially, we were looking for a solution that could reduce our maintenance costs," he explains.
The touch monitor is designed, developed and built to provide resilience, reduce clutter and for ease of configuration.