Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories has announced software that
significantly improves the customer experience by aligning self- and
assisted service, and integrating voice across all customer service
environments through open standards.

Genesys Voice Platform (GVP) 8, unveiled at SpeechTEK, marks a major new
release of Genesys' market-leading software platform for interactive voice
response (IVR).
GVP 8 is significant because it acts as an integrated platform that ends the
standalone nature of voice self service. It is tightly integrated with both
Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and the intelligent Customer Front Door
(iCFD) solutions from Genesys and its partners. iCFD is an industry-wide
initiative to transform the experience for customers entering the "telephone
front door" of enterprises and break down self-service as a silo by
leveraging key applications and business rules.
GVP 8 further leverages voice in customer service by tightly integrating key
technologies such as SIP, web integration, and voice security software, as
well as providing a single development environment for contact centres that
use the Genesys Customer Interaction Management (CIM) platform.
"GVP is a very important element of our overall strategy," says Paul Segre,
president and CEO, Genesys, "because it brings to the forefront the
convergence of all the technologies that touch customer service. Along with
our CIM platform, GVP has led the transformation away from silos and 'point
solutions' towards a more holistic approach to customer care."
Drew Kraus, research vice-president of Gartner, adds: "In the present 'down
economy' we're not seeing companies abandon customer service to focus on
cost containment. Instead we're seeing companies invest in technologies that
help to lower costs, but also improve customer service and personalisation –
either in self assistance, live assistance or both.
"We're seeing an increased investment in newer generation software-based
IVRs that integrate much more tightly to both customer data in CRM software
packages as well as to real-time contact queuing and routing engines."
Some of the key features of GVP 8 include:
* Built-in integration for the intelligent Customer Front Door (iCFD). The
iCFD is a transformative solution bundle, focused specifically on improving
the customer experience. By using information from back end systems, call
centre resources and customer preferences, the iCFD intelligently directs
the call to the best service, whether self or assisted. It extracts these
business routing strategies into one central location which allows the
business owners to decide where and how to deliver the best service.
* GVP 8 supports mature open-standards of voice self-service platform. It
supports virtually all key open standards and critical applications
including VXML, CCXML, SIP, VoIP, IP PBXs, gateways and softswitches,
virtual hold technology, video applications, security and voice biometrics,
and open compatibility with virtually any major third-party hardware and
* GVP 8 has built-in SIP support. GVP 8 leverages Genesys integrations and
SIP Server to connect to more VoIP environments than any other platform,
including Alcatel-Lucent, Nortel CS2k, Avaya, Cisco CCM, Siemens 8000,
Audiocodes, Paraxip, Cisco Gateways, Open IN, and others.
* Multi-tenancy for large enterprises and service providers. For software as
a service and managed service providers, GVP 8 supports mutitenancy, where
several businesses can share a common platform and access it from virtually
* Integrated development environment "composer". GVP 8 has a unique
development console that streamlines application development. GVP now
provides a single unified development environment for customer interaction
management. Developers and customers can quickly create routing strategies,
and leverage business rules that gather relevant information such as
back-end data or workflow to control the process and understand the context
of a call.
* Common platform for both GVP and Voice Genie customers. Genesys has
provided a single common next-generation platform that brings together its
two key voice platform lines – Voice Genesys and GVP on to a single system.