ADT Security, part of Tyco International, is in the process of upgrading its
printer and copier infrastructure with 30 multifunction devices (MFDs) as
well as related services from Itec Distribution's central region office
(Itec Central).

"ADT's document management infrastructure was managed by Itec in the past,
but came to the end of its contractual life," says Clinton Le Roux, Itec
Central's sales director. "The security company therefore decided to embark
on a rolling upgrade of all its MFDs across the nation and issued the
appropriate tender."
Thesigan Pillay, ADT's group procurement manager notes: "Itec was once again
chosen as ADT's preferred supplier and is now in the process of rolling out
the 30 MFDs at our offices nationwide. We started upgrading the Johannesburg
and Durban regions where we initially installed 16 devices."
Itec Central is also tasked with maintaining and supporting ADT's document
management infrastructure. A service-level agreement has been signed which
guarantees Itec will have the appropriate people onsite nationwide to
resolve any issues within a stipulated period, or it will incur penalties.
To assist ADT in curbing its printing costs, Itec Central has also
implemented its proprietary PrintDirect software. PrintDirect provides
management with in-depth reports on all printing and copying done through
Itec's equipment. It empowers them to determine where their highest printing
costs are incurred, drilling down to department or even individual level.
"One of the most popular benefits of PrintDirect is that it can be
programmed to divert printing to more cost-effective machines," says Le
Roux. "If a user sends a batch of printing to an expensive colour printer,
for example, under certain circumstances set by the client the printing will
automatically be diverted to a printer with a lower cost per page."
Pillay adds: "ADT made the decision to stay with Itec due to the competitive
pricing the company offered, as well as its reputation for maintaining a
high service ethic as standard across the country."
Once the rollout of the MFDs has been completed, Itec Central will also be
responsible for maintaining the systems for the next three years.