APC by Schneider Electric has announced the debut of APC TradeOff Tools, new
Web-based applications with easy-to-use interfaces designed for use in the
early stages of data centre concept and design development.

By enabling data centre professionals to experiment with various scenarios
regarding virtualisation, efficiency, power sizing, capital costs, and other
key design issues, APC TradeOff Tools break down major data centre planning
decisions into a series of smaller, more manageable decisions. Use of these
tools helps validate, through modelling, the overall design of a data
"Customers need to make many key decisions during any data centre project,
and they do not always have the necessary information to guide them," says
Carl Cottuli, vice president of APC's Data Center Science Center.  "Many of
their concerns are not addressed by configuration tools because they occur
early in the concept selection process. With the introduction of APC's
TradeOff Tools, when a roadblock arises, the data centre decision maker can
easily find a tool to deal with their specific issue, get a quick answer,
and continue on in the concept selection process."
The seven tools are currently available on the http://tools.apc.com section
of the APC Web site.  They include:
* Carbon Calculator: Illustrates how changes to a data centre's location,
efficiency, and power load can impact carbon dioxide emissions and the
electric bill.  This provides management with a general indication of how
"green" their data centre is today and how "green" it could be.
* Energy Efficiency Calculator: Profiles a data centre and calculates the
resulting efficiency and electrical cost based on data centre
characteristics.  Users can then understand the impact each key data centre
decision has on the data centre's efficiency.
* Capital Cost Calculator: Identifies key data centre physical
infrastructure parameters and calculates capital costs based on those
parameters. This allows data centre users to judge how changes to data
centre location, IT load, and cooling and power infrastructure can impact
overall capital costs.
* Virtualisation Energy Cost Calculator: Comprehends IT and physical
infrastructure characteristics and calculates energy savings resulting from
the virtualisation of servers. This allows the user to test the impact of
virtualisation and various physical infrastructure improvements on their
data centre floor space and on their energy consumption.
* Power Sizing Calculator: Defines basic characteristics of the IT load and
calculates how much utility input power would be required to support such a
load.  This provides users with a general idea of how much power in
kilowatts they will need to run their data centre.
* InRow Containment Selector: Generates a prototype rack and row cooling
configuration based on theuser's preferences and the physical constraints of
the room. This provides the user with their optimal InRow cooling
containment configuration.
* AC vs. DC Calculator: Compares four different AC and DC power distribution
architectures and calculates their respective efficiencies.  This allows the
user to make an educated decision on the optimal architecture for their data
APC's Data Center Science Center (DCSC) designed the APC TradeOff Tools. The
DCSC team of engineers and analysts researches data centre issues and helps
develop design and learning tools that assist data centre professionals in
managing their data centres.