Storing and transferring large files from one digital device to another
without passwords or built-in software has never been simpler with the new
Kingston DataTraveler 101, from Axiz. Available in 1, 2, 4 and 8GB, the
DataTraveler 101 is the ideal USB drive for users who need a convenient way
to transport and share files anywhere in the world.

Built with simplicity in mind, it holds all your documents in an affordable,
convenient device and helps budget-conscious users break storage barriers,
allowing them to easily store and move large files in a device no bigger
than a pocket knife.
Gail Kruger, Kingston Flash product manager at Axiz, says the market is
buzzing about this innovative product. "There has especially been a lot of
demand in the student sector and it's no wonder – the DataTraveler 101 is
not only convenient, compact and funky, but it's also backed by Kingston's
five-year warranty.
With capacities up to 8GB, you have plenty of room for high-definition
photos, graphics-intensive documents, videos, spreadsheets, presentations,
term papers, and music that can be stored and retrieved in a flash. And, its
unique design incorporates a swivel cap, so there's no need to worry about
losing the cap."
Users can password-protect data with SecureTraveler software, which allows
you to create and access a password-protected, secure area of the drive
called a "privacy zone".
Available in cyan, pink and yellow, the fashionable and practical
DataTraveler 101 is ideal for those looking for significant storage capacity
and data protection in a lightweight, compact design.