IDF, San Francisco – Critic Ken Tynan is credited with being the first to say "f**k" on the BBC; Christopher Dingle similarly on the SABC; and John Cleese, arguably, the first at a memorial service (for fellow Python Graham Chapman). Today, Intel senior vice-president and GM, Ultra Mobility Group, Anand Chandrasekher officially became the first to exclaim "sh*t" on stage at an Intel Developer Forum.

The unique incident happened when Chandrasekher, as part of his presentation, introduced two Panasonic executives to demo their Toughbook MID (Mobile Internet Device). Obviously unscripted, the Panasonic guy hurled the MID across the stage at Chandrasekher. And, obviously caught by surprise, the likeable Intel VP could do no more than duck and howl: "Oh Sh*t!". It was equally obvious that Panasonic was determined to prove just how rugged and tough the Toughbook really is.
Happily, both Chandrasekher and the Toughbook survived the trauma.
On a more serious note, the main theme of Chandrasekher's keynote was around Intel's vision of the "Internet in your pocket" and the importance of its Atom technology which is rapidly establishing itself as a key platform for MIDs. He also reinforced the company's MID roadmap, telling delegates that the next generation of Atom, Moorestown, is well on track and that the first silicon of this iteration has been produced
And, to prove this point, he held up the first wafer of Moorestown.
He didn't throw it at the Panasonic toughie.