Point-of-sale (POS) software is typically expensive, complex and often
requires businesses to pay annual licence fees for unrelated underlying
database or operating system software. And much to the chagrin of small,
medium and micro enterprises (SMMEs), POS software is frequently locked into
specific, expensive hardware.

Cubit Accounting is challenging these perceptions with the release of the
next version of its Cubit POS, a free – as in no cost – open source POS
system that integrates runs on any PC and operating platform – including
Apple Macintosh, Linux and Windows – and in this new version inter-operates
with over 80% of existing POS hardware.
"The Cubit POS software is licensed under the BSD license, meaning the
application source code is freely available, belongs to everyone and can be
modified by anyone without restrictions and without having to disclose the
new source code to anyone else. Anybody can also download the source code,
recompile, re-brand it and sell it to anyone else," says Cubit CEO, André
Cubit software is fully customisable, allowing it to comply with the
differing tax regimes around the world and is already successfully being
used in both the US and South Africa. It can also accommodate hundreds of
tills, so that businesses as small as the corner store and as big as a
supermarket chain can make use of the system.
The software can be download from the company's Web site, www.cubit.co.za.