IDF, San Francisco – From chairman Craig Barrett's keynote to the sneak preview of the third iteration of the Classmate PC, there has been a definite emphasis on education at this year's Fall IDF. And the company has backed up its commitment to improving worldwide education with the launch of what it calls the Inspire Community.

Designed to engage people in discussions about education on a global, national and local level, the Inspire Community encourages people to share experiences and offers opportunities for involvement in educational programmes, Intel says.
The community highlights the elements of education, learning and mentorship that people find inspirational, focusing on personal stories to motivate people to act to improve education.
"This community will engage a diverse group of peopl who truly care about education and want to exchange ideas that inspire the next generation of innovators," says Shelley Esque, director of Global Corporate Citizenship at Intel. "The future of our increasingly connected world depends on our ability to innovate and deliver the next breakthrough in medicine, business, renewable energy, mobility and entertainment.
"Clearly, education is very important to us," Esque says.
Perhaps certain elements of South African society should take note.
The Inspire Community, for the many concerned South Africans we're sure would be interested, can be found at . It also has a presence on Facebook at and Twitter at .