African women will be encouraged to take control of their own destinies when the South African Women Inventors and Innovators Network launches next week.

The network will kick off with a symposium that aims to boost sustainability through innovation.
According to Bola Olabisi,  founder and director of the Global Women Inventors & Innovators Network (GWIIN), the social and economic role of women is under-recognised and under-developed throughout Africa.
"We've seen from GWIIN's activities in the UK and Europe that by encouraging and giving recognition to innovative women, they gain the confidence to start up or develop enterprises that can help solve many problems, especially in areas such s healthcare, energy efficiency, education, agriculture and diet.
"Our intention in launching this campaign in Africa is to encourage women throughout the continent to realise their potential, to invent and innovate and make the enormous contribution towards improved and sustainable social and economic conditions that they are capable of."
The winner of the 2008 British Female Inventor & Innovator of the Year Award, Tanya Ewing will speak on "surviving the market with that great idea". Her invention is an energy-monitoring device that uses a "traffic-light" display to show realtime use of electricity, water and gas.