In an age where companies are faced with a challenging environment as a
result of tightly interwoven and constantly changing nature of business
processes, they have to increasingly find ways to execute tasks in the most
advantageous manner possible.

And while there are currently a number of Business Process Management (BPM)
options available, companies first need to look at those questions need
answering, before they opt for a workable solution that will offer returns
on investment.  By clearly considering the above, companies will
successfully optimise processes and ultimately achieve important business
BPM enabled by Service-Orientated Architecture (SOA) might just be the
answer companies are looking for.  It provides companies with a flexible
architectural style that will enable efficient process change and task
Comments Ashraf Suleman, of Institute: "BPM offers the lever to get
your business processes moving; however, SOA provides the underlying vehicle
to achieve results."  And while business agility is achieved through the
combination of software capabilities and business expertise – which BMP
realises – it still needs a strong, flexible and driven architecture to get
BPM and SOA have over the last few years evolved independently, however,
there is today – more than ever – a symbiotic relationship between it.  For
one, SOA can be developed using various service format such as customised
web services; orchestrated services using Business Process Execution
Language (BPEL); or from the ground-up as is often the case when
institute embarks on a new projects.
Looking more closely at the benefits, SOA promotes the creation of
accessible, loosely coupled, discrete business services.  In turn, BMP
leverages these services, tying them together to solve and streamline
business challenges.
"SOA provides the agility companies require to truly benefit from BPM.
Furthermore, for the first time we are seeing that the true integration of
enterprise architecture within SOA which in turn delivers more value to
organisations," he says.
Similarly, SOA with BPM layered on top can offer a different value
proposition compared to standalone SOA.  Indeed, as the backbone for SOA
components, BPM can integrate important functionalities that enhance company
"Combining BPM and SOA is undoubtedly becoming an important trend which
offers companies business process improvements in a dynamic environment that
is agile and evolutionary."