The LG DLP Projector HS102, from Axiz, takes presentations on the road with
a unit that can be carried in one hand. Weighing just 750g, it is the
perfect tool for premium entertainment and portable business use, taking
advantage of a super-long lasting and efficient LED lamp.

Sadie Lambourn, Axiz Product Manager: LG, says it's been awhile since the
market has seen a quality, functional business tool with real sex appeal.
"The HS102 takes imaging into a totally different league and will
undoubtedly become the projector of choice for the busy executive. Don't let
its size fool you – take it into the boardroom with all the data you need on
a USB flash stick.
"With a true colour,  high brightness feature and 30 000 hours of LED lamp
life, your investment will not only continue to wow your audience, time
after time but continue to project a lucid, crisp and professional image."
The technology behind the size of the HS102 projector is LG's new colour
drum system. This system replaces the colour wheel used by traditional
projectors, reducing the size and cost of the projector.
In addition, this model comes standard with Directional Correlation
De-interlacing (DCDi), which is a video mode algorithm. This was designed
specifically for video-based material like fast-paced sporting events. Its
purpose is to eliminate jagged edges along diagonal lines caused by
interpolation. DCDi does not simply weave together two fields of video that
match, but instead creates new information. DCDi technology edges these
transitions and fills in the gaps, creating a final, smooth image.
"It certainly hasn't been a question of sacrificing functionality for size
and this is evident by the impressive list of features this small projector
has. The unit is tiny, measuring only 154 x 117 x 50mm, but packs a mighty
punch as the world's leader in brightness (160 ANSI 1m). It encompasses
PhlatLightTM LED technology for very high surface brightness made possible
by a high-efficiency Collimator lens," says Lambourn.
With Photo Viewer, MP3 Player and DivX Player, the HS102 is data and video
compatible, offering you the best quality images for both formats. The
projector is also HD ready, eliminating the need for costly upgrades in the
future. Special features include quick on and off, USB host, screen capture,
auto off and compact Remocon.