A close collaboration between software developer of business solutions
Syspro and advanced planning and scheduling software developer Preactor
International has culminated in a complete solution for effective factory

Both companies have won numerous awards for their achievements. Most
recently, Preactor won its fourth consecutive 'Hottest Company' award in the
US from Start IT, which recognises leading companies in their markets.
Syspro has also been recognised by Start IT on several occasions.
Russell Hollick, Syspro's research director, says: "Without control of the
production process, it is impossible for any organisation to predict what
will come out of the factory. It is therefore equally impossible to give
customers accurate and reliable due dates or provide them with updated
information on the progress of their jobs.
"For companies which require greater control of their operations and are
looking to increase customer service while reducing costs, Syspro Factory
Scheduling is a production scheduling system which provides an interactive
decision support tool that helps balance demand and capacity."
With Syspro Factory Scheduling, organisations have the option of three
products: the simplest to use Graphical Planning Board; the more
sophisticated Finite Scheduler; and the most sophisticated Advanced
Scheduler, classified as an APS (advanced planning and scheduling) system.
These products are the result of the collaboration between Syspro and
Preactor International. The solutions provide the depth of features and
experience of the Preactor products, structured to work elegantly, simply
and seamlessly with the core Syspro manufacturing modules. The result: a
complete solution to manage the factory effectively.
"Syspro Factory Scheduling assists organisations in maintaining accurate and
up-to-date production schedules which take the complexities of the factory
into account," Hollick says. "This enhances co-ordination between work
centres, increases productivity, reduces work in progress and improves
customer service."