The latest IT solution released by Compuware Corporation features an
innovative web interface that helps leading IT organisations enable new
mainframe talent to support vital systems.

As workers with decades of experience continue to retire from the mainframe
field, IT leaders must find new personnel to maintain and enhance critical
mainframe technologies. "Even those applications that satisfy current
business demands are often seen as difficult and expensive to operate and
not agile enough," says Dale Vecchio of Gartner. "One of the greatest
growing risks for these systems is not the applications themselves, but
rather the skills necessary to continue to develop, maintain and operate
Abend-AID 11 helps ease this transition through its new web-based interface,
providing point and click usability for employees accustomed to a web-based
world. Supplementing the traditional mainframe "green screen" interface to
these systems with agile, modern technology, Abend-AID 11 helps IT
organisations more quickly familiarize new personnel with their systems.
"This modernisation demonstrates Compuware's ongoing commitment to meeting
the evolving needs of our customers," says Duncan Miller, enterprise account
manager at Compuware South Africa. "By bringing new functionality into the
marketplace, Compuware meets the pressing problems of IT and business
leaders who depend upon the stability and security of the mainframe for
their most critical business applications.
"You cannot manage what you cannot measure.  Abend-AID is part our
Metrics-based Management solution, an approach that provides the technology,
methodology and metrics that allows customers to control complex and dynamic
IT initiatives," says Miller. "It provides IT executives and managers with
an effective method to measure and trend code quality, testing
effectiveness, fault activity and application performance."
Understanding that more than 80% of the world's corporate and government
data is stored on mainframes helps Compuware stay focused on advancing
mainframe technology to consistently provide solutions for customers.
"Hands-down, our mainframe solutions are the best in the world," says Bob
Paul, Compuware president and chief operating officer. "We continue to
invest in the mainframe platform to bring our customers functionality they
cannot find elsewhere. New solutions like this demonstrate our continuing
dedication to advancing the business value of the mainframe platform."
In addition to the new web interface, Abend-AID 11 also improved root-cause
analysis for COBOL programs and enhanced DB2 support. These enhancements
allow users to diagnose issues with greater speed and further enhance system