Ericsson has announced an extension of its global capabilities in the
Managed Services domain. Coinciding with the first anniversary of its Global
Services Delivery Center in Bucharest, Romania, which acts as a global
competence center for managing IT environments on behalf of operators, the
company has further extended its content management and hosting services.

"We are excited about being able to offer operators throughout the
sub-Saharan region an even wider, fully-integrated range of IT-orientated
Managed Services through our Global Services Delivery Centers," confirms
Gary Dewing, vice president Global Services, for Ericsson's market unit
sub-Saharan Africa. "especially as Telecoms and IT continue to converge at a
rapid pace and the number of end-user services and applications that need to
access the network's Service Layer continue to grow in volume and
Ericsson is already the biggest global player in Systems Integration and
Managed Services, with 195 million subscribers using the mobile networks it
currently manages for operators. The company's Systems Integration and
Managed Services IT offering means that it can design, integrate and manage
the IT parts of the telecom operator environments – covering the service
layer, business support systems and operations support systems, including
services such as platform hosting, billing, messaging and content delivery.
"As a Systems Integration and Managed Services partner, Ericsson is able to
holistically support telecom operators in this environment by creating,
deploying and managing networks and services from end-to-end and to
explicit, measurable KPIs," explains Dewing, "leveraging off our
international expertise and the centralised, optimised use of resources
through our Global Services Delivery Centers to deliver considerable
efficiencies and reduce operator's costs."
Ericsson's expanded Managed Services offering and the exceptional
capabilities of its network of 21 Global Services Delivery Centers confirms
the organisation's proven competence and continued commitment to developing
this services area.
"We are ready. We have the local capabilities and resources to deliver these
services across the entire sub-Saharan region, backed by the highly skilled
and experienced staff managing our Global Services Delivery Centers,"
concludes Dewing. "We're establishing a global footprint for Managed
Services in IT and that is something we're proud of. By outsourcing not only
their telecom networks, but also the IT environments to Ericsson, operators
can ensure seamless service management, faster time to market, and reduced
Ericsson is the world's leading provider of technology and services to
telecom operators. The market leader in 2G and 3G mobile technologies,
Ericsson supplies communications services and manages networks that serve
more than 195 million subscribers. The company's portfolio comprises mobile
and fixed network infrastructure, and broadband and multimedia solutions for
operators, enterprises and developers. The Sony Ericsson joint venture
provides consumers with feature-rich personal mobile devices.