Businesses that rely on printing for their daily operations need
bullet-proof solutions that are vendor-backed and offer reliable support
structures, ensuring that line-of-business printers are kept up and running
24/7. This is true no matter the size of the business. You might have a
quality printer – but do you have competent support to back it up?
In addressing the need for efficient support for businesses that rely on
printing, OKI has ensured that it has support facilities in every major
service centre in South Africa.

"There are 11 OKI support centres in South Africa," says Neil Rom, MD of
Printacom – sole local brand representative and importer of OKI Printing
Solutions in South Africa – "Because OKI understands that when a
print-reliant business experiences problems with its printers it needs rapid
service in getting back up and running. Invoices, reports and other vital
printing jobs cannot afford to go on hold while vendors conduct repairs.
"We have deployed extra personnel and we have developed a new online
tracking system that facilitates our support operations," he adds. "This
means that when customers do experience problems with their printers we can
have an engineer to attend to their problem in no time."
Rom adds that OKI printers also offer proven robustness and dependability,
and generally require support less frequently.
"Service and repairs are a big differentiator in the market," says Rom.
"Businesses cannot afford to have their printers down for long periods for
repairs. This is why OKI aims to conduct repairs promptly by dispatching an
engineer as soon as a call has been logged to look at the problem."
We have over 300 engineers in South Africa just to take care of printers in
government departments. A total of almost 1500 engineers are able to service
and repair OKI printers nationwide with specifically dedicated service
divisions for retail customers, finance sectors and other vertical
All engineers partake in OKI's Technical Training Academy to keep them
abreast of the latest developments in fault diagnostics, board level repairs
and other areas to ensure that the engineer that looks after your OKI is
"OKI believes in effectively taking care of the holistic print environment,"
says Rom. "This means not only providing our customers with the best
printers in the market, but also with the highest level of service and
support after-sale so that their businesses printing capabilities are
maintained throughout."
By maintaining comprehensive and dedicated support centres throughout South
Africa, OKI ensures that its printers are kept up and running in customers'