The Enterprise Mobility business of Motorola has announced that SigmaCare, a
leading provider of point-of-care technology and professional services for
the long-term healthcare industry, is deploying Motorola enterprise mobility
solutions across 20 long-term care facilities – enabling improved staff
efficiency and quality of patient care.

This deployment is made possible by a recently-issued $13.5-million grant
from the State of New York for the Quality of Care Demonstration Project, to
help long-term care facilities transition to electronic medical records
(EMR) from paper-based documentation.
"Long-term care facilities are very demanding technical environments. We
selected Motorola's enterprise wireless LAN (WLAN) solutions and MC70
Enterprise Digital Assistants (EDAs) because these innovative, wireless
technologies ensure the security, resiliency and high performance needed to
support our critical mobile care applications," says Steve Pacicco, CEO of
One of the facilities participating in the deployment is Sands Point Center
for Health & Rehabilitation, a 180-bed healthcare facility located in Port
Washington, NY. The centre went live with the Motorola enterprise mobility
solution in October 2007 to increase the level of personal interaction
between clinicians and patients.
Because of improved documentation and efficiency gains, Sands Point Center
expects to realize a 450% return on investment (ROI) over five years. In
addition, the anticipated revenue increase of $3.9 million over the duration
of the five-year contract is projected to increase the center's valuation by
more than $10.8-million.
To support the SigmaCare mobile EMR system and enable always-on wireless
delivery of vital clinical applications throughout each long-term care
facility, SigmaCare installed Motorola WS5100 Wireless Switches and AP300
Access Ports that provide enterprise-grade wireless coverage, and Motorola
MC70 EDAs that provide mobile access to critical data.
The system makes it possible for physicians, nurses and the entire
interdisciplinary team to access patient information and other EMR data in
real-time at the point-of-care. This process significantly improves
documentation, decision-making processes and patient care; reduces paperwork
and operational costs; and increases workflow efficiencies and revenue.
Looking ahead, Sands Point plans to implement Motorola LS4278 barcode
scanners to manage the distribution of medications.
"Before we installed the EMR system, it used to take up to an hour for a
physician to complete paperwork at the end of the day," says Fran Regan,
director of nursing at Sands Point Center. "With this technology, you have
all the information you need literally at your fingertips. Now we have more
time to dedicate to delivering superior patient care because the paperwork
administration aspect of our job has been significantly streamlined."
Motorola enterprise WLAN solutions provide healthcare organisations with a
proven, reliable platform for bringing mobile applications to the point of
care, while meeting HIPAA security requirements. Through its end-to-end
portfolio – including both WLAN and the MC70 EDAs – and seamless integration
with partners such as SigmaCare, Motorola delivers complete mobility
solutions for hospitals, long-term care facilities and physician offices.
"The combination of Motorola's WLAN and bedside mobile computers with
SigmaCare's EMR brings tremendous gains to both patient safety and the
ability of caregivers to spend more time with their patients," says Jeff
Schou, senior director: Global Healthcare Solutions at Motorola Enterprise
Mobility business.
"The Sands Point Center deployment clearly illustrates how Motorola's
history of innovation in wireless and our mobile computing product line
benefit healthcare facilities transitioning from paper to EMR systems.
Enterprises across all industries are realizing the strategic need to invest
in wireless infrastructures rather than continuing to support both wired and
wireless systems. Motorola's enterprise mobility portfolio is best
positioned to help them implement an all-wireless enterprise solution."